Donkz Racing is a newly established off-road kit brand; providing high quality kits at an affordable price with comfort being our highest priority.

  • How it began

    Donkz Racing began after months of deliberation, I always knew I wanted to create and build my own business but I was never 100% on what that should be. One thing I was sure about was my passion for riding and almost every business idea I had seemed to involve bikes. I have been riding since 4 years old - my first bike being a Malaguti 50 that my Dad had put stabilisers on. From then I went on racing motocross throughout my childhood and found a love for enduro in my early twenties. I always loved the thrill of riding and spent (still do) the majority of my time in the garage tinkering with bikes. I have always been very particular about kits, I would only wear certain brands and hated the bulkiness of hefty kits over the mounds of armour.

  • It was in 2020 that I decided to design my own kits to build my own brand. I knew when developing the kits that they had to be lightweight and free of bulky padding to give for a comfy ride. The crazy thing throughout this process was I didn't tell a single person about the brand I was creating until the kits had already been made.

  • Since then I have been continuing to create more kits, each time changing stitching, clasps, adding extra grippers and anything I can think of to improve the kits all whilst keeping the same level of comfort. The brand has been growing since and it is great to see so many riders wearing and loving our kits just as much as I do.

    If you're not comfortable in your kit - you haven't tried Donkz!

  • Elliot Milburn